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Don’t Make a Hasty Real Estate Decision!

Buying and selling real estate is big move for most of us.

As a buyer, are you getting good title free from liens and other unintended restrictions? Is your contract drafted to meet your intentions and to avoid problems at closing? Did you include a term for inspection and a right to withdraw you offer if you are not satisfied? At closing, are you being charged only for the costs and expenses that you owe for the transaction? Is the deed you receive properly drafted? Do you understand your bank financing documents? Are the real estate taxes being properly prorated?

As a seller, what are you rights if a buyer changes his mind after signing the contract? What title issues might need to be remedied before closing? To what extent does your contract obligate you to make repairs to the property before closing, or pay for them afterwards? Are the taxes and closing costs being properly divided with the buyer?

At closing, you will be presented with many documents to sign. Do you understand what you are signing, and how these documents affect your rights and obligations?

Attorney Jim Schuller has 40 years of experience in guiding clients safely through their residential and commercial real estate transactions and will make sure that your purchase or sale is done right. CALL for a consultation: 419-535-0311.


When you buy or sell property, you’re entering into a contract. To make sure everything is in order before you sign, call Schuller Law Office today. Attorney Jim Schuller is a reliable real estate lawyer in Toledo, OH who works with clients in the area who are purchasing or selling residential or commercial property.

Contact Schuller Law Office in Toledo, Ohio for any of the following real estate needs:

Buying or selling residential or commercial real estate.
Represent you in a real estate dispute.
Attend your closing and guide you through the process.
Prepare a lease or sale agreement.
Negotiate a real estate contract

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