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Personal Injury Representation in Toledo, Ohio

Personal injuries are more common than you may think, and their effects can be vast. Far from being confined to the initial recovery period, the physical pain and mental trauma of some injuries can last for months or even years. Schuller Law Firm in Toledo, OH can help you get the compensation and fresh start you deserve.

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Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury, even in Toledo. Distracted drivers are almost as dangerous as drunk drivers, and either one can change your life in an instant. Though Ohio drivers are required to carry auto insurance, the minimum personal injury coverage is only $50,000 per accident.

Injuries from car accidents can and often do cost far more than $50,000. You can file a suit against multiple parties after a car accident, not just the driver. An experienced attorney like Jim Schuller can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are a regular occurrence. Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles typically weigh many tons; this weight can cause the cargo to dislodge from the trailer, and, at high speed, can be hazardous to others when the driver has limited control.

Claiming compensation for these damages can be a challenging and overwhelming prospect, especially if you have to deal with physical pain or emotional trauma as a result of the accident.

Wrongful Death

When someone dies prematurely as a result of an accident or injury, there’s an unfathomable effect on those left behind. They are deprived of a loved one who provided companionship and possibly even a substantial source of income. While compensation cannot replace your loved one, it can at least ease some of the financial burdens.

Premises Liability

Finding Out Who’s Responsible When You Get Hurt

Property owners usually carry premises liability insurance as part of their business or homeowner’s insurance. If you are injured due to a dangerous condition on the property of another, or while visiting a business open to the public, you may have a right to recover your damages, and this will lilely be covered by the owner’s insurance.

However, in cases where injuries occur on a rented or leased property, or on public property, it can be harder to identify the liable party. So even if you have recourse, that doesn’t mean it may be easy to resolve. Even if you find the right party against whom to make your claim, battling the insurance company can be a difficult proposition. That’s why it’s essential to have qualified legal representation on your side.

Premises Liability: Proving Your Case

There are a number of common conditions which can result in injury to a guest or business invitee on another’s property:

  • Defective steps or handrails;

  • Parking lot defects;

  • Poor lighting;

  • Spilled fluids with no warning to customers;

  • Attacks by an uncontrolled dog or other animal.

  • Defective operation of elevators and escalators..

Proving the defect, and proving that the defect was the primary cause of the injury, often requires the help of an expert in construction, safety codes, building requirements and other specialties. An experienced attorney can help find and employ the right expert for the individual case. Often the claim cannot be proven without such testimony, so legal guidance becomes extremely important.

If you are the victim of a slip and fall or other accident you will likely have a lot of questions about what you should do next. If you have been injured in this type of incident and are considering filing a legal claim, you should discuss your case with an experienced premises liability attorney. Keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations of 2 years from the date of the incident to file a personal injury suit in the state of Ohio.

Contact The Schuller Law Office today for a free consultation about your case and make sure that you are fully represented and will receive the full compensation for any injuries you have sustained.


Animal Attacks

Many people love their pets and train them to be well-behaved. However, sometimes people have aggressive animals that are prone to biting or attacking others, especially strangers. If you were a victim of an animal attack, your claim could also fall under premises liability.

Unless the dog was provoked, or unless the victim was trespassing at the time of the attack, the victim will likely be protected by a strict liability dog-bite statute in Ohio. If applicable, the statute will avoid most of the dog owner’s defenses and make it much harder for an insurance company to defeat a claim for injury. You attorney can review the facts and the law and make this assessment, often greatly improving your chances for prevailing and the amount you will recover.


Injuries Due to Poor Lighting

Business establishments open to the public have a duty to assure that their facilities have adequately bright lighting to avoid accidents. Inadequate lighting can result in injuries, including falls. Again, an attorney can assist in finding the appropriate expert to analyze the situation and determine whether your claim is valid and provable.

Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Elevators and escalators sometimes make people nervous. However, most cities and states have strict laws regulating the safety and maintenance of these modes of transportation. Those laws are supposed to prevent accidents from happening. Sometimes businesses take shortcuts and don’t adhere to a proper maintenance schedule, which may result in accidents including injuries. Let an attorney fight to get you the compensation you deserve if you have been involved in an elevator or escalator accident.

Injuries at Amusement Parks or Carnivals

Here in Toledo, we love enjoying amusement parks and carnivals when the weather is nice. However, injuries can occur in both places. Sometimes the injuries are caused by the park or carnival operator, but the property owner may also be held liable.

If you or someone you love was injured at a carnival or amusement park, it’s important to pursue the right avenues for compensation. It may be difficult to find out who is the legally responsible party in a situation like this, but an experienced attorney like The Schuller Law Office can help.

Dangerous Conditions at Swimming Pools

We have a lot of great places to go swimming in the Toledo area, including Lake Erie. Many people enjoy spending time at swimming pools and recreation centers in the area. But, dangerous conditions at pools and recreation centers can result in serious injuries. Here again, an expert may be require to prove the nature of the defect, and to establish whether the operator of the pool was negligent. An experienced attorney can direct the investigation and assist in the effective presentation of the injury claim.

If you or a loved one has experienced as a result of any of the above circumstances, feel free to contact Attorney Jim Schuller at the Schuller Law Office for a free consultation and a reliable assessment of your claim. Call (419) 535-0311.

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