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James L. Schuller

I am a native Toledoan, a graduate of St. John’s High School (the first graduating class of 1969), with undergraduate and Law degrees from the University of Toledo (1972 and 1976 respectively), and currently reside in Sylvania, Ohio.

I have broad and in-depth experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury, business, insurance litigation, and have extensive experience in the courts of Ohio. Loyalty to my clients’ causes and obtaining best results for them are the values that drive my law practice.

As a veteran litigator and trial lawyer of 37 years, I have extensive experience in the courts presenting claims for and defending claims against individuals and businesses in matters ranging from personal injury to commercial claims, insurance disputes, contract disputes and others.

As a general practitioner since 1977, I have also served my clients and their families consulting on matters of estate planning, probate administration of decedents’ estates, real estate transactions and related areas.




Numerous legal seminars in the fields of insurance, tort law, litigation, civil procedure, estate planning and administration, trust law, real estate law


B.A. degree, English, and Philosophy (Graduated in three years)


J.D. degree, University of Toledo

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