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James L. Schuller

I am a native Toledoan, a graduate of St. John’s High School (the first graduating class of 1969), with undergraduate and Law degrees from the University of Toledo (1972 and 1976 respectively), and currently reside in Sylvania, Ohio.

I have broad and in-depth experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury, business, insurance litigation, and have extensive experience in the courts of Ohio. Loyalty to my clients’ causes and obtaining best results for them are the values that drive my law practice.

As a veteran litigator and trial lawyer of 37 years, I have extensive experience in the courts presenting claims for and defending claims against individuals and businesses in matters ranging from personal injury to commercial claims, insurance disputes, contract disputes and others.

As a general practitioner since 1977, I have also served my clients and their families consulting on matters of estate planning, probate administration of decedents’ estates, real estate transactions and related areas.

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Depend on attorney Schuller for reliable legal counsel in Toledo, OH. Regardless of whether you were hurt in a car accident, a slip and fall injury, or other unfortunate accident, we can help. Contact us if you are looking for a:

Personal Injury

No two personal injury cases are alike and the strategies your lawyer will need to use for your case may vary from other cases. When seeking justice for your personal injury, it is wise to find a good match in a law firm.

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Auto Accident

Car accident victims can suffer serious injuries that can impact their lives and ability to work. Families may struggle to make ends meet if a family member faces sudden medical and rehabilitation expenses.

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Estate Planning

Attorney Schuller has been counseling clients and their families on individual and family estate plans since 1977. He can assist in the preparation of your wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney to fit your planning needs.

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Real Estate

When you buy or sell property, you’re entering into a contract. To make sure everything is in order before you sign, call The Schuller Law Office today. Attorney Jim Schuller is a reliable real estate lawyer in Toledo, OH who works with clients in the area who are purchasing or selling residential or commercial property.

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Attorney Schuller will work diligently during the course of your case to achieve the best possible results. If you’re planning for your family’s financial future or fighting for compensation after an injury, you can count on attorney Schuller to provide sound legal advice. Call now to make an appointment.


If you need to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer, here are three reasons to choose The Schuller Law Office in Toledo, Ohio:

1. Attorney Schuller has been practicing personal injury law since 1977
2. He’s tried over 200 cases during the course of his career.
3. He has years of experience dealing with insurance companies.

Attorney Schuller has extensive experience fighting for his clients’ rights–he’ll work hard to get justice during the course of your personal injury, auto accident or other injury cases. Attorney Schuller will take the time to review your case and can provide an honest estimate of your damages.

CALL US AT (419) 535-0311 or Fill out our FREE CASE EVALUATION to speak with attorney Jim Schuller today.


Our Client Reviews

  • Jim was the only attorney in the Toledo Bar Association that would take on my case. He fought with every ounce of his being to win my case. He is knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and very caring. He made sure that all aspects of my personal injury case were looked at. He called on other experienced experts to help build my case. He persisted for two long years until we got the outcome we so rightfully deserved. I would recommend Jim to anyone who needs expert advice and council. Hes an amazing man and attorney. If you need a lawyer, you want Jim Schuller to represent you! Thank you so much Jim!

    casey pfeiffer Avatar
    casey pfeiffer
  • My wife and two young daughters were involved in a 4 car accident the day after Christmas, totaling her car. Attorney Schuller worked diligently with the insurance companies to settle our case, alleviating a great amount of stress for our family. He is a compassionate listener and easy to understand in a time that can be most stressful. Would highly recommend!

    Joe Craig Avatar
    Joe Craig
  • I needed an attorney who knew how to go after a big auto insurance company and make them pay what was rightfully due to me. Mr Schuller is by far the best experience I have ever had with a lawyer , he not only got me my settlement check but he only Charged me a fraction of what many others would have. Thank you very much Mr Schuller with out your knowledge and experience I would have received nothing. Joel Mires Napoleon , Oh

    Joel Mires Avatar
    Joel Mires




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