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No matter how much we try to be safe on the road, accidents can and will happen. It could be because you were driving a bit recklessly, or the other driver was careless when he hit the road. If you were out driving and you ended up getting in an accident, it’s best to know what the car accident laws are in your state.

Basically, car accident laws are the legal rules that determine who will be held responsible for the personal and property damage brought about by a collision. The principle of negligence applies to this area of the law. Car accident litigation is covered entirely by state law.

It’s best to remain silent right after the accident. Pointing fingers and blaming others won’t work. In fact, doing so is a common mistake made by those who get in an accident. You have no choice but to rely on the evidence being presented and wait for the rulings. This is where you should take the necessary steps right after the collision. Here’s what you need to do after the car accident:

Obtaining all pertinent details

Soon after a collision, it’s better to remain silent. However, you should also make note of what the other driver says about what happened. If you have your mobile phone, tablet, or any other recording device, you can use it to film the ensuing commotion. You should also obtain the other driver’s name and address, license number, and insurance information. Get the contact information of any witnesses who were on the scene when the collision happened. Then, you have to take note of the traffic and weather conditions. Finally, you have to make sure that you jot down the names of any police officers who showed up, so it will be easier to get copies of their reports.

Seeking immediate medical attention

You should seek medical attention ASAP. Unless the crash isn’t a matter of life and death, you will immediately be attended to by paramedics or rushed to the nearest hospital. While the main purpose of this is to get yourself checked for injuries or other problems, this is also a great way to establish the severity of your injuries, if any. Chances are the other driver’s attorney will try to belittle the severity of your injuries, should you not get immediate medical attention. This may affect the outcome of the proceedings.

Contacting a personal injury lawyer

It’s important that you contact a personal injury lawyer soon after an accident, as doing so can surely establish and preserve a victim’s right to compensation. In situations like this, you need the assistance of a lawyer to handle the situation. If you try to handle this alone, chances are you will become vulnerable to the tactics of the opposing side’s insurance company. You might end up accepting an unfair settlement or something.

Dealing with auto insurance

Normally, the driver who crashes into the other driver’s car will be responsible for reporting the accident to the car insurance company.

If you appear to be the victim, then let the other party contact their insurance provider. However, you have to make sure that you contact their insurer as well. It’s important to get complete information on the other party by obtaining the following:

● Driver’s name and address
● Driver’s insurance company name and policy information
● Statements and contact information from witnesses
● Pictures of the accident scene

Now, if the accident was your fault, you have no choice but to contact your insurance provider to see how they will cover the incident. Your insurer will help pay for repairs, medical expenses, and other losses such as lost wages, pain, and suffering through your liability coverage.




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