auto accident lawyer in Toledo, OH

Injured in a Car Accident?

Speak with an auto accident lawyer in Toledo, OH

Car accidents can be devastating. If you sustain an injury after an accident, you could be facing expensive medical bills and lost wages. A reputable car accident lawyer can help—retain Schuller Law Office for legal insight that will help you get justice after an injury.

Call attorney Schuller right away to schedule a consultation with an auto accident lawyer in Toledo, OH. He represents individuals and insurance carriers in auto accident cases.

How can an auto accident lawyer help you?

If you need an auto accident lawyer in Toledo, Ohio, you can count on Schuller Law Office to reach the best possible conclusion. Attorney Schuller will work hard to help you:

  • Settle an accident claim fairly
  • Get compensation after an injury
  • Reach a settlement without litigation

Attorney Schuller has decades of auto accident and personal injury law experience, and he has in-depth knowledge about how insurance companies work. Contact Schuller Law Office now to make an appointment.